We bring you some of the latest technology in reparative skin care via our spa treatments.

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Relaxing, Rejuvenating Spa Treatments in Woodstock

Regarding spa treatments, we focus in the key areas of:

Our customized facials bring you some of the latest technology in reparative skin care. Our AHA line improves the health of the skin by increasing both the hydration level and the level of skin exfoliation. A blend of gentle Lactic Acid and Vitamins A, C, E reduce dead skin cells and debris while repairing skin cell damage and loss of collagen at the same time to slow down the aging process and prevent future damage. Our Skin Therapist will begin your facial treatment with an assessment of your skincare needs and customize a treatment plan to address your concerns. Our facials offer the best of both worlds when you want an intensive and exceptionally relaxing treatment.

60 Minutes
90 Minutes


Facial & Body Waxing
Waxing is a temporary method of hair removal, which removes the hair from the root. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face, bikini area, legs, arms, back, abdomen, and feet. We use natural wax with essential oils. It is very gentle for any skin and hair type. Cost varies from area to area.

Full Face
  (Lip, Chin, Eyebrows)
Full Arm
Half Arm
Full Leg
Half Leg
Full Leg & Bikini
Partial Back or Chest
Full Back


from $25
from $60
from $30
from $45
Hot Stone Massage
Using smooth basalt stones, this treatment uses deep warmth of the stone and pressure as the smooth stones glide over your skin, to reach deep into your muscles, soothing aches and pains and easing tension away to leave you feeling incredibly relaxed. Our massages are offered by an Aesthetician (not a Registered Massage Therapist).

30 Minutes
45 Minutes
60 Minutes
90 Minutes

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting
Eyelash tinting involves carefully dying the lashes with safe, natural tints, to give them a natural, luscious, darker appearance. Eyebrow tinting adds definition to the eyebrows for a subtle, but striking finish. Many different eyelash and eyebrow tint colours (including browns, blacks, and greys) are available so we can complement your skin and hair colouring perfectly. The tinting will take about 15 minutes and can last up to 6 weeks.

Eyelash Tint
Eyebrow Tint

Paraffin Treatment
Paraffin wax treatments are not only nourishing but are also extremely soothing and will help to soften the texture of the skin. Paraffin wax treatments are a form of heat therapy. The soothing heat helps increase blood flow, relax your muscles, and soothe joints. Paraffin’s natural emollients help soften your skin and form a light waterproof coating that helps retain the natural oils produced by your body. This is great for relieving and healing dry, cracked skin on hands and feet as it offers protection from external elements.


Nail Care
A treatment for making you feel pampered and improving the condition, shape and appearance of your hands and nails. Our Basic Manicure includes filing, cuticle care, buffing of the nails and the application of polish if desired. Our Deluxe Manicure, in addition to the Basic Manicure, includes exfoliation, a relaxing hand and arm massage to moisturize the skin and a paraffin wax treatment.

Spa Manicure

Shellac Manicures
Shellac is a true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear nail colour! It goes on beautifully, wears beautifully, dries immediately and removes with no damage. Shellac is "3-free" (contains no formaldehyde, DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and toluene). An application lasts for up to 14 days, with a durable shine that resists chips, scratches, and smudges. Removal time is a brief, and the method doesn’t damage the nails or surrounding skin.

Shellac Manicure
*Be sure to also ask us about our Aesthetic Packages!
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