Whether you are missing one tooth or all, implants offer an exciting and predictable way of restoring your dentition. It eliminates the need for bridges, as well as partial and bulky full acrylic dentures that are difficult to eat with.

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Dental implant

Implant Dentistry in Woodstock

When one loses a tooth, the neighbouring and even opposing teeth can shift out of place causing your bite and smile to be affected. As well, the bone surrounding the extracted tooth can shrink over the course of months and years compromising the function and cosmetics of the remaining teeth even more so.

Whether you’ve lost teeth due to cavities, trauma or gum disease, it is important on many levels to consider replacing them to ensure that you can eat with comfort, smile with pride and confidence but also prevent further bone loss that can make you look older than your years. Implants are often a great way of achieving this goal.

An implant is simply a root shaped surgical grade piece of titanium that is installed at the site of the missing tooth. The success of implants follows years of research that shows that this type of metal actually stimulates bone growth and – over a period of months following placement – can actually bond to your own bone. Once the implant has successfully integrated with your jawbone, a post (abutment) and crown are attached to the implant permanently.

It is currently known that the most of the bone loss following an extraction takes place in the first year. Valuable supporting bone and gum will shrink away leaving unsightly spaces that can affect the cosmetics of the area. If the area of the extraction site lends well this procedure, we can often place an implant into the extraction site the same day to help prevent this bone and gum loss. Not only do we preserve the site of extraction but we also minimize the number of surgical appointments you will need. In certain cases, a temporary crown can actually be attached to the implant at the very same appointment so that you never have to smile without a missing tooth!

This fascinating science has allowed us to replace missing single teeth (implant supported crown), multiple teeth (implant supported bridge) or all teeth (implant supported dentures).
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